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BeSoccer - Soccer Live Score for Android

Tracking Live Football Matches

BeSoccer - Soccer Live Score is a free 'Sports' app developed by BeSoccer Apps. It follows anything new and newsworthy related to football.

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  • Be updated with the latest matches.
  • Available at all platforms.
  • Follow more than 10,000 football.
  • Keep track on match scores instantly.


  • Not exciting if it’s not game season.
  • Needs to request for following specific match.
  • A platform for gambling.
  • Intense conversation could lead to flame wars.

Very good

BeSoccer - Soccer Live Score is a free 'Sports' app developed by BeSoccer Apps. It follows anything new and newsworthy related to football.

An App for Football Fans

BeSoccer - Soccer Live Score is the one-stop platform for football enthusiasts around the world. They can follow live games, gather news about recent matches, interact with fellow users, receive the latest notifications. This app covers more than 10,000 football competitions anywhere.

Tallying up the Stats

The app allows users to check the top international leagues such as the Premier League, the US Open, US’s Major League, North American Soccer League (NASL), Soccer, Spain’s Primera Division, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and 2, Europa League, Confederations Cup, Champions League and more. Users can check important football stats like weekly games schedule, the teams competing, match scores and season tables from 2017 to 2018. The app has also covered important events like the recent WorldCup Rusia 2018. They can use the app’s push notifications for acquiring live matches events. The push notification is also configurable so that users can get the update they only want to receive. All teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, PSG, Barcelona, Bayern Munchen and other famous ones are featured in this app. Users will get to see their favorite football athletes, read live football scores and see videos of memorable shots. Users can still check more competitions and participating teams even if the main game season has ended. For fanatics and loyalist, they can select their favorite team and focus only on their activities and performance. The app includes replay match minute by minute so that users who missed the match will be able to rewatch them again and again. Users can go an interact with others and discuss anything occurred during the match. They can also do it live to support their team or analyze the match. The app provides live individual and team stats for fans who love to do in-depth analysis. Fans are given with this app’s very own search engines to access publicly-open information such as equipment, players, and competitions. If there are live matches occurring, fans can formulate their very own forecasts based on the varying opinions of everybody. The app also functions as a sports newspapers that cover all matches in the world. In this app users get to know everything about the latest news about their beloved teams. Since football is a global game, the app supports most languages to accommodate all fans. The app is designed with an intuitive interface so that everyone can enjoy the match without getting lost in the app. The app includes updates of daily betting to find out which team will win on that day. Users can also request the app’s developer to find the game match they prefer to follow and get their match results.

Dedication of True Fans

For some football fans, the sport is an integral part of their lifestyle. BeSoccer - Soccer Live Score is the app for tracking live scores. No one wants to miss the game’s greatest highlights and this app is the ideal companion for every football season.

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BeSoccer - Soccer Live Score


BeSoccer - Soccer Live Score

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